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Time Entries & Statement Accessibility


Dates in the Calendar section of the screen are color-coded. Using the mouse to hover over any date shows the corresponding label.

After changing a date in the Timesheet section, saving the change will update the hover text in the Calendar section for that date.

Screen Reader

There are two sections to this page; a Calendar and the Timesheet. The Timesheet section also has an option to type in the date you want for entering time; which is method #1 below. The Calendar section navigates through a week-by-week calendar and can also choose dates for time entry in the Timesheet heading; which is method #2 below. After choosing dates for entry, the next step is to enter time; weeks in the timesheet always begin on Sunday.

Selecting the week for time entry…Method #1

  1. Tab to the Calendar heading.
  2. Use F6 to skip the Calendar and go to the Timesheet.
  3. Enter the date in the “Week From” field, in the format "mm/dd/yyyy".
  4. Then change to browser mode (NVDA key and spacebar) and type “B” to go to the “Go to Date” button.       
  5. The Enter key or Spacebar will update the timesheet to the week that contains that date.

Selecting the week for time entry…Method #2

  1. Tab to the Calendar heading.
  2. Tab to get into the calendar, and use Alt + Down Arrow (or the SAP "help" button, F4) to select the calendar. 
  3. Use the right arrow to find the month (only the current and past two are displayed).
  4. Tab to enter the calendar for the month.
  5. The left column is the week number of the year, followed by the dates of the week.  Use up, down, right and left arrow keys to find the date.
  6. Use spacebar or the enter key to select.  This will change the date range in the Timesheet below. 
  7. Use the F6 key to jump to the time sheet.
  8. To select Att./abs., type options in the drop down. Press "C," and then use the up and down arrows to choose an option.

Entering time

  1. Make sure you are in focus mode (NVDA key and spacebar). Tab through the table until you find the Att./absence. type column, then arrow down.
  2. Column 5 lists what type of  time off is selected for the row.  This can be changed using F4.
  3. Tabbing across the table  gives entry cells for each day of a week.
  4. When done with entries, jump out of focus mode (NVDA key and spacebar).  Use Control key and Home key to return to beginning of page.  From here, tab or use the B key to move to the “Save” button.  The enter key or spacebar will save the data.