Maintain Contact Information

Choose Maintain Contact Information to add additional contact information for a direct/indirect report and maintain an employee’s emergency contact.  The maintenance action will open in a new window.  When done reviewing results or making changes, close the window to return to the EBS Portal.


Additional Contact Information

Click the Add button to add any of the following:

  • Device Email
  • Other Email
  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
  • Digital Pager
  • Voice Pager
  • Course Web Address
  • Business Web Address
  • Personal Web Address
  • Research Web Address
  • Radio Number
  • Cell phone
  • Email for Dematerialized Communication
  • Other Business E-Mail
  • Work Pager


Emergency Contact

Click the Add button to add an emergency contact if none exist.

Click the edit button to change an existing emergency contact.

emergency contact