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Paid medical leave report

As a supervisor or Unit Time Administrator, you will be responsible for determining whether your employee(s) are eligible for PMLA sick time and notifying them of this benefit. This report will show the employees that are currently eligible and the date in which they will pass the necessary 3 month waiting period to use PML sick time.



  1. Go to Supervisor Tools.
  2. Click on Paid Medical Leave tile.
  3. Review report details.

Unit Time Administrators:

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Click on Paid Medical Leave tile.
  3. Review report details.


Preset variants are available. To choose one to run the report:

  1. Select the menu in the upper left that displays "Standard v". 
  2. From the box that opens, choose "Manage."
  3. In the next box that opens, mark additional views by selecting the star icon, turning it from empty to filled.
  4. OPTIONALLY: You may set which variant to be the "Default" view by choosing that radio button. 
  5. Select "OK". 

You will now see additional view options: 

 Variant Dropdown


  • From the Settings menu PMLA Report Menu there are options available to choose which columns, how to sort, filter or group the data.

PMLA Report Settings

  • The option to Export to Spreadsheet also is available if desired.