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HR/Payroll Inbox


The HR/Payroll inbox is used to process various forms and transactions within the EBS System.  Current forms and transactions that are routed through workflow and appear for approval/disapproval in the inbox include: 

  • HR/Payroll forms
  • Pay changes/cost redistributions
  • SAP learning solutions tasks (course bookings)


All Items

The left pane of the application displays all forms, transactions, or saved drafts that the user has the ability to approve or reject.  The total number of work items displays at the top of the pane.

To display details on a specific work item click the item.  When selected, the highlighted work item displays details and information to the right, and includes:

  • Reference Number
  • Organizational Unit
  • Approval Level
  • Effective Date
  • Primary Approver
    • Also include Rejected or Ad Hoc status
  • Received On
  • Created By – initiator
    • Select the initiator name and contact information, email and phone number will display
  • Status


When you first click the “HR/Payroll Inbox” tile it will load all work items. It does not automatically refresh after you enter the inbox and leave it open. In order to load new work items or remove processed items, you must click the “refresh” button located in the left pane search field. It is recommended practice to click “refresh” BEFORE and AFTER a work item is opened or approved.  Refresh


The ability to search for specific work items or groups of work items is also available near the top of the left pane.  Users can search for any data element that exists within the work item by typing the specific criteria in the search field. search

Display all work items

The Search functionality will work on the first 500 work items displayed only. If there are additional work items in the inbox, they must be loaded by scrolling to the bottom of the inbox to allow additional items to load as indicated by the 3 pulsting bubble.  The search will work on the accumulation of work items loaded.

Sort, Filter Group

Located across the bottom left of the screen contains the following options:

  1. Sort – by Task Title, Newest or Oldest on top.
  2. Filter – by Status, Received On, Organizational Unit, Business Status, Effective Datesort filter
      1. Status – To filter by status choose either Ready or Reserved (claimed)
      2. Received On – To filter by received on choose either Today, Past 7 days, Past 30 days, All
      3. Organizational Unit – To filter by organizational unit choose one or more from the displayed
      4. Business Status - To filter by business status choose one or more options from the display list. This status is set by Central HR Approvers only and indicates where they are in the aproval process.
      5. Effective Date – To filter by effective date choose either Today, Past 7 days, Past 30 days or All
  1. Group – by Ascending or Descending and by Status, Reservation, Organizational Unit or Effective

The above options will work on ALL items listed in the inbox. However, only the first 500 items will be displayed.  If there are additional work items in the inbox, they must be loaded by scrolling to the bottom of the inbox to allow additional items to load as indicated by the three pulsating bubbles. 

Action Bar

Located across the bottom right of the screen may contain the following options:

  1. Claim - Reserves the work item so that only you may take action on the work item
  2. Release - Unreserve work item previously claimed
  3. Open Task - Select to open/display form or pay/cost work item
  4. Approve - Approve Course work item
  5. Reject - Reject Course work item

action bar


Note:   When opening a task, make sure to click on the work item in the Left Pane first, and verify that the Subject Title matches the Heading listed in the Right Detail View:

 Opening Task