Course Details - Searching the Report

Information Given by Report:

This report displays overall course details including start/end dates, room location, hours, and trainers.

How to Search using Basic Criteria:

From Course Details you will want to change the Object Type depending on what category your course is under.

  • L= course group (folder)
  • D = course type (template)
  • E = course [date] (when we actually teach it)

You can then locate your course by Search Object ID option. A variety of search options are available, Search Term, Structure Search, Abbreviation and Name, or Search Term with Restrictions.

Enter a key word of your choice in order to locate your course.

For example, say I am looking for the course “Excellence in Customer Service”, I will enter the word excel in the “Search Term” field.

By selecting enter a list of courses with that key term appears.

Select your desired course and select the green check mark.

From “Reporting Period”, select the time frame of the courses you wish to see. If needed, you can select “Other Period” and enter a date frame in which you’d like to search.

Once you have completed the steps click the “Submit” button.

  How to Manage Search Results:

After completing the search and selecting your course a results screen appears.

You can add or remove certain fields in the table displayed via the Change layout option. Once you press the button a Change Layout window will pop up with two separate columns. The column on the left is the information you are currently viewing in the table above. The column on the right consists of additional fields you can add to the left column.

You can add these fields by selecting them and then by using the middle arrow you can bring it over to the left side.   You can also remove unwanted fields from the left by using the opposite arrow to bring it over to the right. After adding or removing the desired fields press the green check mark and your new table will appear.

 If you would like to save this field as a variant for your table you may do so by pressing the save button that is indicated by the floppy disc icon.

Proceed to fill out the “Save Layout” and “Name” fields and select the green check mark when finished.

You will be redirected back to the previous screen. Select the green check mark to get the new table to appear.

If you wish to access your saved variants in the future you can do so by clicking the “Select Layout” button.

Click for instructions on how to export to excel.