Edit Business Address - Extended Reference Guide

Business address and phone number information for employees can be viewed and changed by the Unit Administrator.

Business address information appears in PeopleSearch and is maintained for all employees except:

  • Student employees
  • Graduate assistants
  • Undergraduate assistants and professorial assistants  
  • Two types of address are maintained:
  • Business addresses and phone numbers are maintained by assignment, since an employee with multiple assignments may have a different address or phone number for each assignment. Make sure you select the correct assignment when changing address information.
  • If you select an employee for who an address is not maintained an error message appears indicating that the address change is not allowed. Student employee’s change addresses through StuInfo.
  • Administrative Address (MSU Mailing Address): This is the most direct MSU mailing address for the employee; the address where mail is sent.
  • Work Location: Up to four optional work locations can be maintained if the employee’s physical work location is different from the administrative address.
  • For example:
  • RHS employee whose mailing address is a neighborhood mailing address in one residence hall but who actually works in a different residence hall
  • Someone with offices in both East Lansing and Grand Rapids

 Selecting and Viewing Business Address and Phone Number Information

The first step in updating an address is to locate and select the employee and assignment. Employees and assignments are sorted by personnel number by default. To sort on a different column, such as employee name, click on the column heading.

  1. Enter the employee’s personnel number or name. Click Start.
  2. Select an employee’s assignment by clicking the box to the left of the row. The bottom part of the screen display address information for that assignment.

Updating an Address or Phone Number

When updating an address, select a building number, which automatically populates current address information for that building. You then enter a room or suite number, and can enter an optional phone number and fax. Room or suite numbers are required for most on-campus locations. If required, asterisk appears next to the field as shown above. Phone numbers are validated for format only. You cannot update and delete an address on the same day.

To update an address or phone number

  1. If updating an additional work location, click the work location tab to select it.
  2. Click the search to the right of Location ID field. If the location ID is known, enter the number. Different applications on campus (e.g., FAMIS) use different numbers.
  3. Locate and select the building by clicking on the row.
  4. The screen populates with building address information.
  5. Enter a Room/Suite # using any combination of letters and numbers for more efficient mail delivery.
  6. Enter the 10-digit Telephone No. (Numbers only, no punctuation).
  7. In Ext, enter an extension of up to five digits if necessary.
  8. Enter a10-digit Fax Number if needed (numbers only, no punctuation).
  9. Click the Update.

To delete a work location

Click the Delete button below the address. The next time you view the address, the address information no longer appears. For example, select a different employee’s name, then reselect the employee whose address you just deleted.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Can employees change their own business address or phone number information?

No, a Unit Administrator must make the change. Employees can change their own personal (home) addresses and phone number through ESS but can only view their business address information.

  • Can administrative addresses be completely deleted?

Only for certain types of employees, such as no pay employees.

  • Can an employee’s business address or phone number be restricted?

Yes, employee business addresses and phone numbers can be restricted if the employee has a PPO (personal protection order). In these cases MSU Human Resources must maintain the business address information; the Unit Administrator receives an error if they try to update the address.

MSU Human Resources prefers that the employee contact HR records directly to have their business address information updated; the employee should indicate that their address is restricted when they contact MSU Human Resources.

  • Is international address information recognized?

No, at this time international address and phone number information cannot be entered. Contact MSU Human Resources if you need to record an international business address.