Report Prompts (HRP070)

When running the Data Quality Detail report, users will be presented with prompts to identify parameters and sets of data to be included in the report results.

Prompt #1: Select Data Quality Issue

Select the Data Quality Issue(es) to include in the report.  This prompt is not required.   To select more than one issue, hold down the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard until you have chosen all the issues you want in the report, OR you can click on Select all to choose all issues instead of clicking each on separately.  If no issue is selected, default is all. 

                                                  image of Data Quality Issue prompt

Prompt #2Select Display Summary Page

Select Yes or No to display the Summary page at the end of the report.  The summary page will list the data quality issue types selected for the report.  This prompt is not required and defaults to Yes.

                                                              image of Display Summary Page prompt


Select Finish to run the report.