You are logged out of the EBS Portal

To protect your information, you are logged out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity (explanation below). However, when you entered the EBS Portal, you also started a 12-hour long session with the Single Sign-On (SSO) system, which may still be active.

What Can I Do?

Take me back to the EBS Portal tiles. If my 12-hour Single Sign-On session is no longer active, I will log in again.

Log out from Single Sign-On TEST

To protect my information, log me out of Single Sign-On!


30 Minutes?

You may actually have much longer than 30 minutes to do your work. If you are actively navigating the landing page (with the tiles and links) in the EBS Portal, or actively using a HR/Payroll application (for example: completing a form, entering or approving time, etc.), your session will automatically extend.


If you STOP actively navigating (go to another system like Finance or Business Intelligence), or walk away from your desk, the 30-minute timer continues counting down. You are given a warning to extend your session at 25 minutes. Be aware that you may not see that warning if you are not at your computer with that window open. After 30 minutes of no activity in the EBS Portal landing page or a HR/Payroll application, you are logged out.

Am I Logged Out of Everything?

Not necessarily!

    Individual systems (e.g. Finance, Business Intelligence) have varying timeouts. It is recommended that you log out of each system once you finish, rather than simply closing your browser or navigating away.
    If your 12-hour Single-Sign On session is still active, anyone using that same computer or device can automatically be logged back in. If you log out of Single Sign-On you will gain an additional layer of security.