Faculty Handbook

Automatic Benefits

Participation in the following benefits (subject to eligibility) is automatic, and no enrollment application or other action is necessary. With the exception of social security, the following automatic benefit programs are furnished at no cost to eligible employees:

Basic Employer-Paid Life Insurance

MSU provides eligible employees with life insurance coverage equal to one year’s base salary, up to a maximum of $50,000. View more information regarding Employer-Paid Life Insurance including eligibility criteria.

Course Fee Courtesy

Eligibility: Dependent children or the spouse of regular full-time (90-100 percent) employees with 60 full-time equivalent (FTE) service months are eligible for this benefit.

Coverage: The program provides for waiver of one-half the applicable Michigan resident undergraduate credit course tuition at Michigan State University. The student must be admitted to a regular degree- granting program. Click here for more information regarding Course Fee Courtesy.

Educational Assistance

Eligibility: Regular full-time (90-100 percent) and part-time (50% or more) employees who meet program provisions as provided in collective bargaining agreements may take advantage of this benefit. General eligibility criteria include the required number of full-time equivalent (FTE) service months, and admission into a degree program or job-related course. Whether release time is given during working hours is dependent upon specific collective bargaining agreements and approval by the department administrator/supervisor. This benefit also covers non-credit courses.

Coverage: The amount of tuition waiver or reimbursement for courses will be based on a percentage of the MSU regular prevailing tuition rate per credit. The number of eligible courses and credit hours may differ by employee group in accordance with the applicable collective bargaining agreements. Reimbursement for noncredit courses is also available.

Tuition waiver for a percentage of MSU credit courses is available to most employee groups as provided by the separate collective bargaining agreements.

A grade of 2.0 or higher is required for credit courses to be covered by the benefit. The employee must provide evidence that he/she has successfully completed a course. When MSU tuition waiver has been requested, the employee will authorize release of record of MSU course work, grades, and specific tuition awards to the Human Resource Development office on the tuition benefit application.

Employees eligible for other financial aid will be covered only for that portion of the tuition fee that exceeds the amount of those benefits.

For more information, contact MSU HR at 517-353-4434 or see Organization and Professional Development

Extended Disability Leave (EDL)

MSU provides an interim income protection plan to eligible employees expected to receive Long-Term Disability. The benefit commences after the expiration of all accrued sick, vacation, and personal leave. Total disability determination can sometimes be made by the University physician based on information from the employee’s physician and other medical reports. Authorization to pay Extended Disability Leave is given by MSU Human Resources. View additional information regarding EDL, including eligibility criteria.

International Medical Assistance Program

Michigan State University provides international health insurance for individuals who are traveling abroad on official MSU business.  Benefits include coverage for medical expenses, medical evacuation and repatriation. View more information regarding international medical coverage, as well as eligibility criteria.

Long-Term Disability Leave (LTD)

MSU provides eligible employees with LTD benefits which normally begin the first day following 180 days of continuous disability or after all sick leave, vacation, and personal accruals have been utilized, whichever is later. The program provides a disabled employee with a benefit income of 60 percent of monthly base salary up to $15,000 per month. In addition, both the employee’s (5 percent) and the University’s (10 percent) contribution to the Base Retirement Program are paid as long as the individual remains entitled to benefits. The plan provides an annual cost-of-living adjustment and a minimum benefit of $50 per month. Additional information regarding LTD including eligibility criteria.

Social Security

MSU contributes and participates in the U.S. Social Security program. Governmental guidelines determine the amount deducted from employee paychecks. For more information about Social Security.

Travel Accident Insurance

MSU provides eligible employees with Travel Accident Insurance which is payable in the event of accidental death, dismemberment, or loss of sight due to an accident while traveling on University business or approved activity. This benefit provides coverage up to a maximum amount of $50,000. For more information on Travel Accident Insurance including eligibility criteria.

Unemployment Compensation

MSU is covered by the Michigan Employment Security Act, and benefit costs are paid by the University. Terminated University staff members who meet the eligibility requirements may be paid unemployment compensation. For more information, contact MSU HR at 517-353-4434.

Worker’s Compensation

The University pays Workers’ Compensation benefits to employees who are injured in the course of their employment in accordance with the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Act. MSU also pays an accident time benefit, which is not required by law. For eligibility requirements and application procedures, please visit the Workers' Compensation website.