Support Staff Policies & Procedures

Support Staff Extended Disability Leave Program Policy & Procedure

(Revised 05/05)


The University provides an interim income protection plan for eligible employees expected to receive Long-Term Disability benefits.

Eligibility: Regular full-time University support staff

Effective date of benefit: After completion of 60 continuous full-time equivalent (FTE) service months.

Summary of benefits:

Premium contribution: The University pays the cost of this program.

Termination date of benefit: Last day of employment or transfer to ineligible status.

Conversion of coverage: No conversion is possible.


Application for Enrollment:
Employee: No action is required. Enrollment is automatic, however, a release form is necessary to receive the EDL benefit.

Changes in coverage or personal information: 
Employee: No action required.

Filing a claim: 


Refer questions to:

MSU Human Resources Workers' Compensation/Long-Term Disability (telephone 517-353-4434 or e-mail

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