Support Staff Policies & Procedures

Support Staff Policy & Procedure for Staff Recognition: Service, Retirement, Distinguished Staff



Applies to: All support staff with 15+ years of service.

The University honors University support staff members starting at 15 years of service; retirees; and Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award recipients at a ceremony where awards and certificates are presented by University officials.

Eligibility for service recognition is based upon the employee's retirement eligibility date. Recipients of the Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff awards are nominated and then selected by the Distinguished Staff Award selection committee which is made up of University employees.

One recognition ceremony is held each year. The date of the event varies depending upon availability of speakers and facilities. The following are invited to attend the ceremony: the awardee, retiree and spouse/OEI or guest; the supervisor of the Distinguished Staff awardee; and appropriate University officers and administrators.


Verification of eligibility: 
MSU Human Resources:


Awards selection:

MSU Human Resources: Sends electronic invitations to attend the ceremony to awardees, retirees and University administrators.

Awardee: Informs MSU Human Resources whether they will attend and identifies the name of spouse/OEI or guest.


MSU Human Resources:

Refer questions to MSU Human Resources (telephone 517-884-0141, email)

2/22/19 - Updated information on how awards are sent; updated reference to the Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award.

7/12/16 - Updated contact information for awards

3/24/14 - Updated distribution method of awards (mailed) and invitation method (paper to electronic)

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