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Support Staff Policy & Procedure for Layoff Transition Adjustment Payment (LTAP)


Applies to: Confidential administrative professionals, nurses, and employees covered by the APA and APSA Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Michigan State University provides a Layoff Transition Adjustment Payment (LTAP) to assist employees who have been laid off for at least 120 days and have terminated their employment.

Refer to the APA or APSA contract for details regarding eligibility and other criteria.


Calculation: The calculation for the LTAP for confidential administrative professionals and employees covered by the APA and APSA bargaining agreements is based upon:

Specifically, it is the annual wage divided by 52 weeks times the number of weeks LTAP = $__________. 

Employee: Notifies MSU Human Resources Solutions Center in writing that he/she wishes to receive the LTAP.

MSU Human Resources Employee Records:

Department: Sends Special Payment Authorization form (marked miscellaneous) to MSU Human Resources Employee Records for review.

Payroll Office: Issues LTAP check and sends it to employing department. (LTAP will not include reductions for retirement, and will be taxed at supplemental rates.)

Department/Employee: Department calls employee when LTAP check is ready. Employee may then pick it up at department. The Termination Form should note that employee is being terminated. The Termination Form is sent to MSU Human Resources Employee Records by the department.

MSU Human Resources Employee Records: Processes Termination Form terminating employee.

Refer questions to: MSU Human Resources (telephone 517-353-4434, email).

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