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Support Staff Basic Employer-Paid Life Insurance Plan Policy & Procedure

(Revised 4/14/2020)


Applies to: Regular 50% time or more faculty and academic staff, and regular full-time University support staff and flexible appointees

The University provides a Basic Employer-Paid Life Insurance benefit for eligible employees.

Summary of benefits: The benefit is payable in the event of the employee's death.

The benefit is an amount of insurance equal to the employee's base annual salary. Accrued sick leave, vacation, personal leave and longevity pay are included in the Basic Employer-Paid Life Insurance benefit payment, not in addition to it.

The maximum benefit is $50,000.

Premium contribution: The University pays the entire cost of the benefit.

Application for enrollment: No application is necessary. Coverage is automatic.

Designation of a beneficiary is optional. If not specified, the benefit proceeds are paid to the beneficiary indicated by the employee for their Optional Employee-Paid Life Insurance policy, if any.

If no beneficiary is designated, payment is made to the survivors in the first surviving class of those that follow:

Effective date of benefit: Coverage is effective immediately the first active work day.

Termination date of benefit:

Conversion of coverage: Coverage may be converted by directly contacting the carrier within 31 days of termination of coverage.


Enrollment in benefit plan: 

Changes in coverage or personal information: 

Notification of death: 

MSU Human Resources:

Refer questions to: MSU Human Resources (telephone 517-353-4434, e-mail)

Revision history:

4/14/20 - Changed termination date of Basic Life to be end of month of termination
1/2/19 - Deleted links to Beneficiary Designation form and replaced with link to new Designating Beneficiaries page

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