Support Staff Policies & Procedures

Support Staff Jury Duty Pay Policy & Procedure


Applies to: Regular University support staff working half-time or more

Employees who are called to serve on jury duty will be compensated for the difference between pay received from the court and straight-time base pay. The employee may retain any payment for mileage.

APA, CTU, APSA, SSTU and 1585 employees who are called to testify pursuant to court-issued subpoenas will receive jury duty pay in that event also (see appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement).

The University recognizes the civic responsibility of employees to serve on jury duty and makes provision for eligible employees to perform such duty without loss of pay.

Usage requirements and approvals: The employee must notify his/her supervisor of the call to jury duty as soon as the information is known.

The employee must provide proof of the call to jury duty. Proof of jury duty pay must be submitted to the supervisor if absent for more than 80 continuous hours per jury duty assignment.

The employee is expected to report for regular University duty when temporarily excused from attendance at court.

When called to testify, the employee must provide proof of subpoena and proof of witness fee, or proof that no witness fee was provided.

Amount of payment: For each work day of full or partial absence due to jury duty beyond 80 hours per jury duty assignment, and provided the employee returns to regular University duty when temporarily excused from attendance at court, the employee will receive the difference in pay between: pay received from the court (or witness fees) and regular straight time base pay, excluding shift premium or other premium payment, for the hours absent from work.

Coordination with other types of pay or benefits: If the employee is otherwise eligible for holiday pay, holiday pay may be given if jury duty is interrupted by a legal holiday recognized by the University (see Policy and Procedure for Holiday Pay).

Full-time/part-time status considerations: Part-time employees will be paid the difference in pay only for the hours scheduled to work but not worked because of the jury duty.


Employee:Notifies his/her supervisor of the call to jury duty, gives approximate time, place, etc., of the duty, and provides proof of the call and jury duty pay.

Hourly employee submits proof of jury duty pay and time report to Payroll Office. (Amount of jury duty pay should be shown separately on report and deducted from gross amount.)

Department:Reports time taken in EBS Portal, or unit level absence reporting procedure.

For salaried employee(s), submits proof of jury duty pay to MSU Human Resources.

MSU Human Resources: For salaried employee(s), notifies Payroll Office of amount to be deducted from paycheck.

Payroll Office: Adjusts paycheck based upon amount of jury duty pay reported.

Refer questions to: MSU Human Resources (telephone 517-353-4434, email)

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