Support Staff Policies & Procedures

Support Staff Disciplinary Action Policy & Procedure

Last updated April 27, 2016


Applies to: University support staff

The University has rules governing personal conduct of employees. These rules do not preclude the establishment of additional rules by the individual departments.

Infraction of University or departmental rules shall be regarded as cause for disciplinary action.

All disciplinary action taken must be properly documented as described in the procedure outlined below. Departments shall use the Notice of Non-Academic Disciplinary Action form. 

The right to union representation during discussions exists where employees reasonably believe discipline may result. If the employee requests such representation, the employee must be allowed to be accompanied by a union representative at any stage of the disciplinary process. Requests for representation may be denied when the employee is assured no discipline will result from the discussion.

Types of disciplinary action:

Progressive discipline: The University promotes a policy of progressive or corrective discipline, i.e., discipline shall gradually increase depending upon the severity and/or frequency of the infractions.

Normally, disciplinary action begins with a verbal warning for the first offense and culminates with discharge only after repeated attempts to correct employee's behavior have failed.

Serious infractions may warrant immediate imposition of a written reprimand, suspension or discharge, as appropriate.

Determination of action: Supervision will determine the action appropriate to the infraction up to and including termination, considering the severity of the offense, mitigating circumstances, previous infractions, etc.

Assistance in determining the appropriate action may be received through MSU Human Resources Employee Relations.

Approval for discharge must be obtained from MSU Human Resources Employee Relations and Human Resource Services in advance.

Appeals of discipline: Grievance procedures are detailed in individual Collective Bargaining Agreements.

University grievance procedure is available to those employees not covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Investigation (verbal warning, written reprimand, suspension):
Disciplinary action - verbal warning:

Disciplinary action - written reprimand: 

Disciplinary action - suspension pending investigation

Disciplinary action - suspension: 

Disciplinary action - discharge: 

Refer questions to: MSU Human Resources Employee Relations (telephone 517-353-5510, e-mail)

Revision history:

4/27/16 - Moved "Notify employee of right to representation" as first step under each disciplinary action. Section added on suspension - pending investigation. Removed outdated PAN form language and added EBS language.

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