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Conflict of Interest Policy & Code of Conduct for Financial Aid Professionals

I. Purpose 
The purpose of this policy is to prohibit conflicts of interest in situations involving student financial aid and to establish standards of conduct for employees with responsibility for student financial aid.

II. Applicability 
This Policy applies to all employees who work in the Office of Financial Aid and all other University employees who have responsibilities related to education loans or other forms of student financial aid.[1]

III. Definitions

IV. Institutional Policy Regarding Education Loans and Student Financial Aid

V. Code of Conduct

VI. Policy Violations 
Violations of this Policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

VII. History 
This Policy was issued by the Office of the President on February 1, 2009.


[1] Agents of the University with responsibility for education loans or other student financial aid are also expected to abide by the terms of this Policy.

[2] As defined in the federal Truth in Lending Act, 15 UCSA §1631 et seq.

[3] As defined in the federal Truth in Lending Act, 15 UCSA §1631 et seq.

[4] For the purposes of this Policy, a "relative" is defined as an individual with whom an employee has a relationship by blood, marriage, adoption, domestic partnership, or other personal relationship in which objectivity might be impaired.

[5] Expenses incurred on behalf of the MSU College of Law should be reimbursed to the appropriate University office by the MSU College of Law.

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