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Support Staff Bereavement Days Policy & Procedure

Last Updated May 19, 2016


Applies to: Regular University support staff working half-time (50%) or more 

The University grants eligible employees paid time off in order to attend the funeral and/or make necessary arrangements when a death occurs in the employee's immediate family. 

Up to three funeral days will be allowed in the case of death of the employee's:

One day will be allowed in the case of death of an employee's or employee's spouse's uncle, aunt, nephew, or niece.

(VARIES: Bereavement days vary for each bargaining unit [see appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement]).

Eligibility: Begins on date of hire, rehire, or change to regular status of half-time or more.

Usage requirements and approvals: Supervisor may require proof of death and relationship to the deceased before approving payment.

Amount of payment:

Coordination with other types of pay or benefits: This benefit is payable only to active employees whose absence from work is due solely to the death in the employee's family and will not be paid in lieu of other types of paid leave. 

Full-time/part-time status considerations:
 Part-time employees will be paid only for the hours scheduled to work, but not worked, because of the death.

Limitations: Bereavement days may be taken during the period including the day of the death and the day following the funeral.

Other provisions: Supervision may grant permission to a reasonable number of employees to attend the funeral or serve as pallbearers for a deceased employee without loss of pay.


Recording leave: 
Employee: Notify supervisor of bereavement day(s) he/she will be absent and relationship to deceased.

Supervisor: Approve and record absence in the EBS Portal or through unit-level reporting procedures. May require proof of death and relationship to deceased before approving payment.

Refer questions to: MSU Human Resources (telephone 517-353-4434, email)

Revision history:

5/19/16 - Removed reference to Employee Self Service Portal

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