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Support Staff Policy for Address Changes

Last updated May 13, 2016

Business Addresses, Work Locations and Work Phone Numbers

All changes to business address, work location, or work phone numbers for employees can be updated by individuals with the role of Unit Administrator in the EBS Portal. The EBS support site includes directions for Unit Administrators on how to make this change.

Home Addresses and Home/Cell Phone Numbers

Employee home address and home phone information is included in electronic directories such as MSU PeopleSearch unless the employee chooses to restrict it. In order to restrict this information, the employee must make the appropriate changes to their address record in the EBS Portal. Employees are also able to make changes to their home address and/or home phone number in the EBS portal.

Any questions regarding this information may be directed to the Human Resources department at, 517-353-4434.

Revision history:

5/13/16 - Removed reference to "Employee Self Service portal".

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