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Personal Leave With Pay

Eligibility: Regular employees who work half time or more are credited with personal leave to attend to personal matters.

Accrual: Employees on the payroll at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1) will be credited with personal leave as follows:

Employees hired or changed to regular status of half time or more during the fiscal year will be credited with the following personal leave credits: *

*Half-time and three-quarter-time employees are credited with personal leave on a proportional basis.

Personal leave must be approved by the supervisor and used in increments of one tenth of one hour. No time may be carried forward into the next fiscal year. However, if the employee requests use of personal leave before June 1 and the request cannot be approved due to operational needs, the employee and supervisor may, through mutual agreement, make arrangements to utilize the time at a later date. For additional information regarding personal leave, please look online.