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To recognize long-term service, Michigan State University has a Longevity Pay Plan that applies to some collective bargaining units and non-represented employees. Payment for longevity purposes is made annually on the first workday of December and is based on the base rate of pay as of September 1 prior to payment, but not to exceed the schedule below. The longevity year is a 12-month period that begins October 1 and ends September 30.

Initial Eligibility: To qualify for the first longevity payment, an employee must have completed six years of continuous half-time or greater service as of October 1 of the longevity year. Periods of inactive service totaling 93 calendar days or more will adjust the longevity date accordingly, and no payment is issued in that longevity year. Military leave, however, will not adjust the longevity date.

Continuing Eligibility: After establishing initial eligibility, employees must be actively employed for 39 weeks (273 calendar days) during the longevity year to receive a longevity payment on December 1.

Longevity Payment Schedule: For each longevity year, the following payment schedule is used:

Years of Continuous Service Annual Longevity Pay Percent of First $9,500 of Annual Wage*

* Three-quarter-time employee: percent of first $7,125 of annual wage

* Half-time employee: percent of first $4,750 of annual wage

Other: Eligible employees terminated or retiring during the longevity year will receive a prorated longevity payment. Contact Human Resources at 517-353-4434 to determine if an employee group is included in this program. Click here for more information on longevity payments.