Support Staff


Performance Excellence Program

Employees and supervisors engage in performance review discussions prior to the completion of the probationary period and thereafter on at least an annual basis. This review process provides an opportunity for the employee and supervisor to discuss the employee’s performance and development. This process can be a successful communication and development tool when both the supervisor and employee actively and constructively take part. For more information on performance reviews, click here.

Promotions and Transfers

It is University policy to fill vacancies by promotion from within the University community whenever possible. It is sometimes necessary or desirable to employ persons from outside the University. Transfers and promotions are based on many factors, including the ability to do the work.

Eligibility: All University employees who have completed sufficient service years as specified in University policy or collective bargaining agreements are eligible to apply for a transfer or promotion.

Procedures: To ensure an orderly and equitable process, the University has adopted, and requires adherence to, the following procedures:


Recognition of Service

The University recognizes continuous service of individual staff members. As an expression of appreciation, the University holds a convocation program each year to honor employees with extended years of service, beginning with 15 years of service to the University. Employees who attend the annual awards ceremony to be recognized will be given reasonable time off with pay if scheduled to work at the time of the event. For additional information on the Service Recognition Program, click here.

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