Support Staff


Employees are expected to maintain good attendance. When absent from work due to unavoidable circumstances, an employee must make a good faith effort to immediately notify his/her supervisor of the reason. If the absence is to continue beyond the first day, the employee must notify his/her supervisor on a daily basis unless otherwise arranged. Absence for three consecutive workdays without notifying the supervisor is considered a voluntary termination.

All absences must be charged to personal leave, accrued vacation, or sick leave, whichever is appropriate. When no accrued time is available, unpaid leave of up to 10 days per fiscal year may be approved by the supervisor. The lost wages will be reflected in the employee's paycheck. Absences exceeding 10 consecutive days must be approved as a leave of absence by Human Resource Services.

Absences due to inclement weather or declared state of emergency will require the use of either personal leave or vacation time. For more information regarding absences click here.

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