Student Handbook

Student Employee Grievance Procedure

Student employees may file a grievance for alleged violation of policies and/or procedures governing the terms of their employment. Policies governing student employment are contained in the Student Employment Manual, as well as departmental regulations. Students are encouraged to seek advice and assistance from MSU Student Employment regarding applicable policies.

The Student Employee Grievance Procedure:

Step I: If a student employee believes that a violation of policy has occurred, the student must meet with her/his supervisor within 5 business days of the alleged violation. An earnest attempt must be made by both parties to resolve the problem.

Step II: If the student does not feel the situation has been satisfactorily resolved, s/he must discuss the problem with the department head or a designated representative within 5 business days from the discussion with the immediate supervisor.

Step III: Should the student still feel the problem has not been satisfactorily resolved, s/he must contact MSU Student Employment within 5 business days. If all parties to the grievance agree to participate, MSU Student Employment will arrange for mediation of the dispute. The goal of this mediation is to reduce obstacles to communication and to address the concerns and needs of all parties. If all parties to the grievance do not agree to participate in mediation, the grievance will proceed immediately to Step IV.

Step IV: Should mediation fail to satisfactorily resolve the issue for all parties, the student may file a written grievance within 5 business days with MSU Student Employment for resolution by the Student Employee Grievance Review Panel.


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