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Annual Performance Review for Fixed Term Faculty and Academic Staff

Last updated: 3/1/2011

IV. Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs Policies

This policy was issued by the Office of the Provost on March 1, 2011 (to be effective Fall semester 2011); it reflects advice by the Faculty Council and the University Committee on Faculty Affairs

Policy Statement 1

All units must have procedures for annual written evaluation of all fixed term faculty and academic staff to support the annual merit process and to provide a basis for a clear statement of performance expectations and accomplishments. It is recognized that provisions and practices in units may vary; however, all evaluation procedures must incorporate, at the minimum, the principles included in this policy and must be applied consistently to all fixed term faculty and academic staff within the unit.

I. Principles

The purposes of the annual performance evaluation of fixed term faculty and academic staff are to:

While some variation may occur in the approach, the following principles as implemented by unit procedures are to be followed by unit administrators (i.e., Deans, Chairpersons and Directors) and fixed term faculty and academic staff. In the case of fixed term faculty and academic staff with joint appointments, a lead unit administrator shall be designated. The process should be clearly defined by the bylaws or established personnel policies and procedures of each academic unit.

A. Each fixed term faculty member and fixed term academic staff member shall be evaluated on an annual basis and informed in writing of the results of his/her evaluation by the unit administrator.

B. Each unit shall have clearly formulated and relevant written performance criteria and shall provide these at the time of appointment, and subsequently as necessary, to all fixed term faculty and academic staff to clarify expectations.

C. Fixed term faculty and academic staff shall be informed of all factors used for evaluation, the evaluation of their performance on each of these factors and the relationship between their performance and decisions on merit salary adjustments and, if appropriate, on reappointment and promotion. Fixed term faculty and fixed term academic staff are entitled to have all their assigned duties given weight in the evaluation.

D. These annual assessments of fixed term faculty and academic staff shall be reflected in recommendations to the Provost's Office regarding additional appointments, reappointment, and/or promotion.

II. Guidelines for Unit Consideration in Implementation

A. Units should initiate the annual evaluation process early enough so that the full process, including feedback to fixed term faculty members and fixed term academic staff members, may be completed within three months after the end of the appointment period.

B. Each fixed term faculty member and fixed term academic staff member shall submit a written summary of activities for the appropriate period of time to the unit administrator in a timely manner prior to the evaluation. As appropriate, these materials will be shared with the peer review committee in accordance with unit bylaws and procedures.

C. If unit bylaws or procedures provide for performance evaluation by peer review committees, unit administrators shall rely on the advice of this designated group, in addition to their own judgment.

D. The unit administrator, or designee, shall offer to discuss the evaluation with the fixed term faculty/academic staff member. A draft of the written evaluation shall be given to the faculty/academic staff member prior to this discussion.

E. Unit administrators or their designees, no later than 3 months after completion of the evaluation, shall provide to the fixed term faculty member or academic staff member a final written evaluation of her/his overall performance.

F. If, after receiving the final written evaluation, the fixed term faculty or academic staff member disagrees with its content or chooses to provide additional documentation or commentary, the faculty or academic staff member shall have an opportunity to respond to the evaluation. Any additional written faculty/academic staff comment and/or documentation which is submitted within one month of receipt of the final written evaluation shall be added to the evaluation file.

G. The full documentation for this written evaluation, including the faculty/academic staff member's response, shall be placed in the individual's unit personnel file.

H. Meetings between fixed term faculty and academic staff members and unit administrators are encouraged prior to the written summary to provide feedback about expectations and evaluation. Each fixed term faculty/academic staff member shall have the right to meet in person with the unit administrator or designee after the final written evaluation is received.

I. For those appointed to one-time fixed term appointments, an evaluation must still be completed, and a copy retained by the unit.

Model Unit Performance Evaluation Policy/Procedure

Fixed Term Faculty and Academic Staff Annual Performance Evaluation Form (MS Word Document)

1Health Programs (HP) faculty are not included in this policy. The Health Programs Faculty Appointment System Handbook details the policies and processes for annual reviews of HP faculty.

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