Archivist Handbook

2.1 Annual Evaluations

A.  All archivists are to be evaluated annually based on a schedule ranging from July to June of the following year. Archivists in the continuous appointment system shall be evaluated to determine progress toward goals and/or the identification of goals. The annual evaluation may also assist in the assignment of merit and other salary adjustments. A written summary of this evaluation shall be placed in the archivist's personnel file in the department and given to the archivist within thirty (30) days of the evaluation. Unit administrators must review such evaluations personally with the archivist. If, after receiving the written review, the archivist disagrees with its content or chooses to provide additional documentation or comment, the archivist shall have an opportunity to respond to the review. Any additional written comments and/or documentation which is submitted within one month of receipt of the written review shall become part of the documentation for the review.

Self-evaluations are due to the Director or Assistant Director by June 1 and should include a summary of activities and accomplishments performed in the academic year. In developing the self-evaluation document, the archivist analyzes and appraises his/her own performance in relation to his/her current goals and objectives statement. The archivist prepares the document objectively, focusing both upon those objectives that were attained, and the degree of attainment, as well as upon objectives that were not attained. In addition to job performance accomplishments, any scholarly and creative activities and service activities should be included. The annual performance evaluation will be used in the Reappointment, Continuous Appointment and Promotion (RECAP) process.

Archivists will be evaluated on their performance and to the extent to which she/he met expectations. There are three performance levels archivists can achieve:

It is expected that archivists in the continuous appointment system strive for excellence. A performance level of "Exceeded expectations" in major areas of responsibility for at least two years is required for reappointment, continuous appointment and/or promotion.

See Appendix A for the self-evaluation form.

See Appendix B for information on writing goals and objectives and sample statements.

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