Archivist Handbook

Appendix A: Archivist Annual Self Evaluation Form


(download MS Word version)

  1. Describe your significant accomplishments for the past year. Relate your accomplishment to your goals and objectives from the previous year.
  2. Please describe any issues hindering you from meeting your goals.
  3. Are there areas in which you feel you need to improve?
  4. Do you feel that you need assistance in your professional development in the next year, and if yes, how?

Scholarly/Creative Activities

  1. List any publications, with citation information.
  2. List presentations/papers given at conferences or any panels on which you participated.
  3. List other scholarly and creative activities (e.g. workshops taught, grants, etc.).
  4. List any continuing education courses/workshops you attended.


  1. List relevant professional activities (outside the university). Include any administrative activity or positions held.
  2. List department or university committees. Include any administrative activity or positions held.
  3. Describe any other service activities you may have participated in during the past year.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Describe your goals and objectives for the upcoming year. See Appendix B in the Archivist Handbook for information on writing goals.

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