Archivist Handbook

2.2 RECAP Process (Reapppointment, Continuous Appointment, and Promotion)

The purpose of the evaluation process for reappointment, continuous appointment, and promotion is to assess the individual archivist's capacity for sustained professional effectiveness and continuing professional growth in the Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections. Peer evaluation will be conducted by a committee of at least three MSU faculty/academic staff members with appropriate knowledge of archives or records management as appointed by the Director of the University Archives.

The criteria for evaluating archivists for reappointment, continuous appointment, and promotion are performance of responsibilities; research, scholarly, and creative activities; and service and/or professional activities. While each criterion is considered significant in the archivist's contribution to the mission of the UAHC and the University, performance of responsibilities is the most important of the three criteria and therefore weighted most heavily in such deliberations.

See Appendix C for required documentation

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