Affirmative Action

4.5 Writing the Advertisement - Affirmative Action Searches

In addition to the position description, the following information is part of posting/advertisements of positions:

Naturally, nothing in the position posting/advertisement may be discriminatory or restrict equal opportunity (e.g., "applicants under 30 preferred," "recent graduates preferred," "applicants from the Northeast preferred"). 
It is preferable to publish or distribute position descriptions early in the academic year so that hiring decisions may be made in sufficient time to allow an individual to complete his or her institutional responsibilities elsewhere, and make professional and personal plans. In the case of dual career couples, this will allow the applicant's spouse or significant other ample time to look for new employment (see "Dual Career Couples").

Before advertising the position or undertaking the search, the unit administrator is responsible for ensuring that the Academic Position Request has been approved by the Provost.

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