Academic Specialist Manual

1.1 Roles of Academic Specialists in the University

The principal responsibilities of the academic specialist fall into one or more of three functional areas:

  1. Academic advising/teaching/curriculum development
  2. Research
  3. Service/Outreach

The academic specialist normally is identified with the one functional area into which the majority of duties fall. Characteristically, the academic specialist performs activities in one or more functional areas in addition to the primary area. The academic specialist has a collegial relationship within the academic community by fostering an exchange of ideas, views, and perspectives. The academic specialist has a responsibility to the University to strive for academic excellence and to be held accountable for academic integrity. The evaluation criteria for a particular position and the individual who fills that position will reflect an appropriately weighted combination of the functional areas that apply. An extensive description of the functional areas and associated duties of the academic specialist is found in Appendix A.

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