Academic Specialist Manual

5.3 Reappointment, Continuing Appointment, and Promotion

For academic specialists with continuing system appointments, evaluations are based on the specifics of the individual's assignment and on the effectiveness in the appropriate functional area(s): advising/teaching/ curriculum development, research, or service/outreach. The kinds of evidence to be considered must be established at the time of appointment. The academic specialist should have the opportunity to submit evidence supporting the proposed reappointment, promotion or award of continuing appointment status. Reappointment, award of continuing appointment status, or promotion must promote the objectives of improving academic strength and quality (see Appendix A).

5.3.1 Unit Review by Colleagues - Academic Specialist Handbook

A unit review committee will be established to advise the unit administrator about the reappointment, award of continuing appointment status, or promotion of the academic specialist. Every attempt should be made to ensure that the review committee is composed of individuals knowledgeable about the position under review and the Academic Specialist Appointment System and should include at least one academic specialist. An academic specialist from outside the unit can be appointed, if necessary, with a voice but no vote. The committee may also include faculty, members of other academic personnel systems, or University support staff members. The academic specialist under review must be provided an opportunity to confer with the review committee before it provides advice to the unit administrator regarding reappointment, promotion or award of continuing appointment status.

5.3.2 Other Contributions to Review Process - Academic Specialist Handbook

In addition to the review committee's advice, the unit administrator may also consult with administrative staff, faculty, students, and/or other qualified individuals inside or outside the unit regarding the reappointment or promotion review. The academic specialist should be informed of those individuals from whom the unit administrator is requesting advice; the academic specialist is not informed of those individuals who provide letters of evaluation, unless stipulated by unit policy.

5.3.3 Reappointment Recommendation Schedule - Academic Specialist Handbook

For academic specialists in the continuing system, reappointment and promotion recommendations must be submitted to the Office of the Provost for review and final action in May of the calendar year prior to the end of the probationary appointment. The individual must be notified in writing by December 15 of the same year. Probationary appointment periods are calculated from August 16 of the calendar year in which the appointment is effective, irrespective of the actual date of appointment. In accordance with the Board of Trustees' delegation of academic personnel actions, the Office of the Provost approves all Academic Specialist Appointment System personnel actions; these actions are reported to the Michigan State University Board of Trustees as information items.

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