Academic Specialist Manual

4.9 Fixed Term Appointments

An academic specialist may be appointed on a fixed term basis for variable periods of time on an academic year or annual basis. Such appointments may be either full-time (100%) or part-time (any percentage less than 100%). In accordance with regular University procedures, unless an explicit written commitment for an additional appointment, fixed term or otherwise, is provided by the unit administrator, the academic specialist cannot expect to be reappointed. For all fixed term (temporary) faculty/academic staff appointments, as stated in the Faculty Handbook, "the University has no obligation to provide reappointment or extension of a fixed term appointment beyond the ending date. If reappointment is made, negotiation of the conditions of reappointment must originate with the administrative unit (department, school, institute, residential college, or other comparable academic unit)." As indicated in the fixed term faculty/academic staff appointment memorandum--required to be filled out for each fixed term appointment/reappointment--appointment or reappointment on a fixed term basis does not involve any commitment to appointment in any of the continuing academic personnel appointment systems, which require separate and distinct procedures.

Units are required to provide academic specialists with fixed term appointments a notice about reappointment or the likelihood of reappointment three months prior to the end date of the appointment.

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