Academic Specialist Manual

7.10 Distinguished Academic Staff Award

The Distinguished Academic Staff Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of those professionals who serve the University in advising, curriculum development, outreach, extension, research, and teaching. Distinguished Academic Staff Awards are made to members of the academic staff who are appointed as Academic Specialists or Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) Academic Staff (faculty with Extension-supported appointments are not eligible for this award). Academic specialists who are recipients of a Distinguished Academic Staff Award are recognized with a "Distinguished Academic Specialist Award." MSUE academic staff members who are recipients of a Distinguished Academic Staff Award are recognized with a "Distinguished Extension Academic Staff Award.

Up to four Distinguished Academic Staff Awards are given annually. These awards provide University-wide recognition and reward to outstanding individuals with careers demonstrating long-term excellence and exceptional contributions to Michigan State University. Eligibility for nomination requires a minimum of ten years of continuous MSU employment as an Academic Specialist or an MSU Extension academic staff member.

Nominations may be initiated by faculty, colleagues, administrators, alumni, students, faculty organizations or student organizations; self-nominations are also welcome. To be considered by the University Distinguished Academic Staff Award Selection Committee, nominations must have the endorsement of the dean or major administrative unit administrator.

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