Academic Specialist Manual

6.2 Dismissal for Cause

A person appointed in the Academic Specialist Appointment System may be dismissed prior to the expiration of a fixed term or probationary appointment or, during a continuing appointment, for serious personal or professional misconduct, including, but not limited to (1) intellectual dishonesty; (2) acts of discrimination, including harassment, prohibited by law or University policy; (3) acts of moral turpitude substantially related to the fitness of faculty members to engage in teaching, research, service/outreach and/or administration; (4) theft or misuse of University property; (5) incompetence; (6) refusal or failure to perform reasonable assigned duties; (7) use of professional authority to exploit others; (8) violation of University policy substantially related to performance of faculty responsibilities; and (9) violation of law(s) substantially related to the fitness of faculty members to engage in teaching, research, service/outreach and/or administration.

6.2.1 Dismissal Procedure

Before initiating dismissal of an academic specialist, the unit administrator shall confer with the dean/separately reporting director, who shall confer with the Provost to determine if dismissal is appropriate. The academic specialist shall be informed in writing of reasons for the proposed dismissal, with an explanation of supporting information, and shall be given an opportunity to discuss the matter with the unit administrator or other appropriate administrator(s). In cases in which the academic specialist is not in the United States or is otherwise not available, the opportunity to discuss the matter will be met by a telephone discussion and/or correspondence that provides a reasonable opportunity to respond. The academic specialist may provide information, orally and/or in writing, in support of his/her position and in response to the reasons for dismissal set forth by the unit administrator. The academic specialist may be accompanied by counsel, and the responsible administrator may also be advised by counsel. If the responsible administrator(s) determine that dismissal is warranted, dismissal may immediately take place.

6.2.2 Notification of Separation

If dismissal action is to be taken, the administrator must provide a written notice to the academic specialist including the reasons for dismissal, date of separation/dismissal, and a statement that the academic specialist may file a grievance under the Faculty Grievance Policy. No duties or responsibilities will be performed after the separation/dismissal date.

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