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Academic salary adjustment guidelines

August 21, 2020

TO: Deans, Directors and Chairpersons

FROM: Teresa K. Woodruff, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT: Academic Human Resources Salary Adjustment Guidelines – 2020-21

Annual Merit Adjustments

The Coronavirus pandemic and the related recent financial downturn have resulted in the most challenging fiscal circumstances that higher education, and most other national economic sectors, have experienced in more than a lifetime. As a result, Michigan State has suspended the annual merit increases for non-union faculty and academic staff for this year.

Annual salary adjustments will occur this year for members of the Union of Non-tenure Track Faculty in accordance with its current contract. The raise process for this group will be administered in the same manner as previous years with raise lists distributed to units by August 20.

Promotional Increases

In order to encourage comparable promotional treatment to previous years when general merit adjustments were in place to provide college/departmental augmentation to centrally provided promotional increases, the central increases funds will be doubled for the 2020-21 period. Total central support for promotional increases are as follows for increases to:

Associate Professor                                                     $4,000
Full Professor                                                                $5,000
Associate Professor upon the award of Tenure     $4,000

Promotion and/or award of continuing status for the following groups:
Librarians                                                                      $4,000
FRIB/NSCL Staff, and Academic Specialists             $4,000

College or department funds may be applied if necessary, to fully support promotional increases in accordance with long term practice.

The promotional increments are to be effective October 1, 2020.

Provost Market Adjustments

Market support will continue in 2020-21 in order to address unmet Promotions need, the most severe salary disparities, and prospective recruiting initiatives from other institutions for 2020-21. Highest priority will be accorded to additional Promotions need and previous actions that relied upon funding from the current market pool. A separate memorandum detailing the 2020-21 market process has also been distributed.

Temporary FAS Reduction

The 2020-21 Budget development Guidelines include a salary reduction for Faculty, Academic staff, Academic Management, and Executive Management appointees for the 2020-21 period. Guidance on the reduction can be reviewed here:

While included as part of the 2021 Budget Development Guidelines, this reduction cannot be applied to collective bargaining groups at this time.

Minimum Salary Levels
Minimum salary levels have only been increased for Union of Nontenure-track Faculty based upon contractual provisions.

Minimum salary levels for designated groups are noted below.

Minimum Salary Guidelines: Tenure System Faculty (2020-21)

Faculty Rank Academic Year Annual Year
Assistant Professor $52,739 $64,459
Associate Professor $61,906 $75,663
Professor $70,938 $86,702

Minimum Salary Guidelines: Non-Union Fixed Term Faculty and Academic Staff (2020-21)

Faculty Rank Academic Year Annual Year
Lecturer $35,525 $43,420
Assistant Instructor $35,525 $43,420
Academic Specialists
(Appointed as Academic Advisors)
$35,525 $43,420
Instructor $35,525 $43,420
Assistant Professor $45,675 $55,825
Associate Professor $53,031 $64,815
Professor $65,306 $79,819
Research Associate $39,822 $48,671

Minimum Salary Guidelines: For Union of Nontenure-track Faculty (2020-21)

Faculty Rank Acadmic Year Annual Year
Lecturer $36,236 $44,288
Assistant Instructor $36,236 $44,288
Instructor $36,236 $44,288
Specialist $36,236 $44,288
Assistant Professor $46,589 $56,942
Associate Professor $52,004 $63,561
Professor $64,043 $78,274