inclusive communication series

*Note - you must be able to attend both days of this training. You will not be able to attend day 2 if you do not attend day 1.

We all stick our foot in our mouths sometimes. Even if we have good intentions, we may feel nervous about saying and doing the wrong thing around people whose lived experiences are very different from our own. The tricky thing is, sometimes we can see that we’ve said something that’s offended someone, and other times it’s harder to know. We overanalyze the moment, replaying it, looking for where we may have gone wrong. That may lead us to feel even more nervous in anticipation of the next interaction. In this two-part series, we will use improvisation games and acting exercises to overcome the anxieties and awkwardness that come with talking about diversity, and hone our listening and observational skills for better communication. These exercises and games are proven methods for building  communication skills, and are done in a fun, open, and accepting environment.

Following this series, participants will:

  • Show a marked improvement in their ability to observe, listen, and understand people who have very different lived experiences than their own.
  • Feel more grounded and poised to participate productively in difficult conversations.
  • Understand how to communicate their own thoughts with more clarity and thoughtfulness.
  • Be able to utilize the power of storytelling toward more effective communication.
  • Be prepared to engage and connect with all members of the MSU community in more meaningful ways.

Part One - Getting Out of Our Heads

Part Two - Being Present & Connecting

All participants should be prepared to move around the room, and wear clothes and shoes that allow them to be comfortable while moving. This workshop is inclusive and adaptable to all abilities. Please contact Organization & Professional Development at 355-0183 to communicate accommodation needs.


Thursday, June 14 AND Thursday, June 21, 2018


1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Lynnette Lammers




1407 S. Harrison Road, Room 10

East Lansing, MI