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Guidelines regarding University travel are covered in detail in MSU’s Manual of Business Procedures (Section 70) which is available online.

Authorizations: Prior to departure, all travel must be approved. The authorization part of the travel voucher must be submitted to and approved by someone administratively senior to the traveler.

Travel Advances: Some employees, as specified in MSU’s Manual of Business Procedures, may obtain a cash travel advance by presenting an original signed copy of the travel authorization form to the University Travel Office.

Reimbursement and Reporting: If reimbursement of travel expenses is requested, the request must be submitted, documented, and approved according to policy and procedure. All out-of-state and international travel must be reported as provided in MSU’s Manual of Business Procedures.

Travel Agency: Telephone the University Travel Office at 517-355-0343 for information on using the cluster travel agencies.

University Vehicles: University-owned vehicles are available through Automotive Services for use by qualified employees for travel on University business. Regulations for University vehicle use are included in MSU’s Manual of Business Procedures.