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Selling and Advertising

The following ordinance was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 14, 1996 (University Ordinance, Section 27.00):

  1. No person or entity may sell or solicit sales of items or services, or solicit contributions, on University premises without an authorized written permit, which permit must be promptly exhibited to any requesting University representative. Authority to set standards for and to grant permits is vested in the Secretary of the Board of Trustees. The Secretary may prohibit sales and solicitations or regulate the item, place, and manner of sales and solicitations, as to all University properties or as to specified areas of facilities. The Secretary may designate other University administrators to grant permits for specified areas or facilities in accordance with established standards.
  2. No person shall erect or otherwise display, except on his or her personal property, any sign or poster or distribute handbills upon property governed by the board that advertises or otherwise calls attention to any commercial product, service, or activity. *Denotes civil infraction.

For additional information on this policy, refer to University Ordinance 27.00.