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Conflict of Interest in Employment

The following policy was approved by the Board of Trustees, effective December 8, 1995:

Standards for hiring, promotion, reappointment, evaluation, working conditions, responsibilities, salary, and termination for all employees at Michigan State University are based on ability, qualifications for the position, and performance. Relationship (meaning connection between persons, hereinafter referred to as “relatives,” by blood, marriage, adoption, same-sex domestic partnership or other personal relationship in which objectivity might be impaired) to another individual employed by the University shall not constitute a bar to hiring, promotion, or reappointment provided, however, that no employee shall be under the direct supervision or control of a “relative.” Employment of “relatives” in the same unit or department or under the same supervisor is authorized only with the prior written approval of the head of the unit or department and the Office of the Provost or the Office of Human Resource Services, as appropriate. In addition, “relatives” should not participate in roles that have the potential for influencing employment decisions, e.g., peer review.

For additional information on this policy, refer to the University Policy and the MSU Human Resources Policy and Procedure.