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Vacation Leave

Eligibility: Regular employees who work half time or more are entitled to vacation time with pay after the completion of six months of service.

Accrual: The following schedule shows the monthly vacation accruals for full-time employees working a 36- to 40-hour week. The earned accrual is credited at the end of each month.

Service Months Full-time Accruals* Annual Accruals* Special Maximum Accruals*
Completion of 6 months   48 hrs  
7 months - 60 months 8 hrs/month 96 hrs 120 hrs
61 months - 120 months 12 hrs/month 144 hrs 180 hrs
>121 months 16 hrs/month 192 hrs 225 hrs

*May vary within collective bargaining units and for certain employee classification levels. Half-time and three-quarter-time employees accrue vacation on a proportional basis.

Employees are expected to use their annual vacation accrual each year. When this is not feasible, employees may make special arrangements with their department administrator to accrue additional time, but the accrual cannot exceed the special maximum accrual amount. Special maximum accrual amounts may vary within collective bargaining units.

There will be no vacation accrual in the following situations:


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