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Personal Leave Without Pay Exceeding 10 Days

Eligibility: Regular employees who work half time or more and have completed their probationary period may be granted unpaid personal leave for up to two years. Applications for unpaid leave are subject to approval by the department administrator and MSU Human Resources.

Usage: Unpaid personal leaves may be granted for reasons deemed appropriate by the University, such as:

A leave does not constitute a break in service. Employees retain all previously earned or accrued benefits (vacation, sick leave, longevity, and retirement eligibility) upon their return. Benefits normally granted employees while on active status, such as vacation, sick leave, and longevity pay, do not accrue during leave without pay. Employees should contact MSU Human Resources at 517-353-4434, 800-353-4434, or to review the effect of leave on the programs described in the Employee Benefits section of this handbook. For more information about leaves of absence, please look online.