Support Staff

New Employees


All newly hired support staff employees who are hired into regular positions are required to attend an orientation program presented by MSU Human Resources. At this orientation, new employees will be provided a wide range of employment-related information. Examples of information shared include:

During orientation, Human Resources also provides important information on how to activate each employee’s MSU NetID. The MSU NetID is a unique, alphanumeric identifier assigned to all current MSU faculty, staff, students and retirees. The MSU NetID provides access to the official MSU network and email system as well as many other online services. Access to MSU systems and online services is granted based on the employee’s role. All employees are required to activate their MSU NetID account.

Employees who are foreign nationals are also required to secure valid immigration status and work authorization before their expected start date, and maintain valid immigration status and work authorization throughout the employment. For the limited purpose of complying with federal export control regulations, a foreign national may be required to provide information about his/her citizenship status depending on the nature of the employment activities. If subject to federal export control regulations, the foreign national may also be required to maintain full-time employment status at MSU, confirm that his/her permanent abode throughout the period of employment is in the U.S., and sign a confidentiality agreement concerning transfer of certain technical data. See 22 CFR 125.4. Prior to beginning work, all foreign nationals should contact the Office of Export Control and Trade Sanctions at 517-432-4499 or to ensure compliance with export control requirements.

Each new employee will also be given an introduction to the work environment by the department or work group and instruction in the performance of specific tasks. Contact Human Resources at 517-353-4434 for more information.

Probationary Period

Employees serve a probationary period commencing at the time of hire and when transferring from one bargaining unit to another through the posted vacancy process. Duration of the probationary period varies among employee groups and bargaining units. Before the end of the probationary period, the supervisor assesses the employee’s overall work performance to determine whether the employee will successfully complete probation. For more information, refer to the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement or the policy and procedure regarding probationary periods.

Working Hours

The normal workweek for most staff members consists of five eight-hour days, Monday through Friday. Office hours are normally from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Lunch is normally one hour. A different schedule of hours and staggered shifts are maintained in some departments. Immediate supervisors inform staff of the work schedule. Click here for additional information regarding working hours.

Flexible Schedules

In some cases, employees may be eligible to work a flexible schedule. This entails mutually agreed upon arrangements between a supervisor and employee and allows the employee to complete their duties while working non-traditional schedules. Click here for additional information regarding flexible schedules.

Rest Periods

Employees are permitted one rest period not to exceed 15 minutes during each half-day (four hours) of work. Rest periods are scheduled by the supervisor and are to be taken at a time and in a manner that does not interfere with the efficiency of the work unit. The rest period is intended to be a recess that is preceded and followed by an extended work period. Thus, a rest period may not be used to cover late arrival to work, early departure, or extended lunch break, nor may it be accumulated if not taken. Click here for additional information regarding rest periods.

Identification Card

The MSU identification card (ID) card establishes identity as an MSU employee and also provides electronic access control to buildings and parking gates, MSU Library services, Spartan Cash, and residence hall meal plans. It may also be used to establish identity for use of intramural facilities, golf course, and other campus activities and facilities.

All new staff members are issued an ID card at MSU Human Resources during orientation. Current employees who wish to update or replace their ID card should visit the MSU ID Office in 170 International Center Building (8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday). Spouses of staff are also eligible for an ID card.  For more information regarding IDs, click here.

Emergency Contact Information

At the time of hire, employees are required to designate an emergency contact and provide the University with contact information for this person so that a University representative can reach the appropriate person in emergency situations. Employees should update emergency contact information as needed through the Enterprise Business System portal.


Some units require employees to wear uniforms for purposes of safety, health, or identification. In those cases where uniforms are provided to employees by the University, the uniforms may be laundered and maintained by the University.