Health Programs

IX. Faculty Status, Salary and Appointment Basis of Health Programs (HP) Faculty Members Who Assume Administrative Responsibilities

A.  Faculty Status

The faculty status of any HP faculty member who accepts an administrative assignment must be specified as distinct from his/her status as an administrator. The following aspects of HP faculty status must be specified in writing at the time of appointment as an administrator and provided to the faculty member:

The assignment period as an administrator may be shorter than or concurrent with the HP appointment period. Termination as an administrator does not modify the HP contract commitment as a faculty member.

Assignment as an administrator is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the relevant dean. If assignment as an administrator is terminated, the HP faculty member will return to regular faculty duties in his/her primary academic unit, e.g., department(s), school(s), and/or residential or non-departmentally organized colleges(s). Any specific arrangements concerning a return to faculty duties must be specified in writing.

B. Salary and Appointment Basis

An individual’s salary rate as a faculty member is not changed by reason of an administrative assignment.   Any salary change related to the administrative assignment is for the period of service in the administrative assignment. The salary rate as a faculty member should be reviewed and specified explicitly each year the faculty member holds an administrative assignment.

An administrative assignment that requires a change from an academic year (AY) appointment to an annual (AN) appointment basis will result in a salary that is 11/9 of the faculty member’s base academic year (AY) salary. If an administrative increment is appropriate, it should be added after the determination of the AN salary. If reassignment from administrative duties results in a shift from an annual (AN) appointment basis to an academic year (AY) appointment basis, the AY salary will be an amount equivalent to 9/11 of the current AN salary. If an administrative increment exists, it is to be deducted before the AN salary is changed to an AY basis. In every case, a shift from an administrative assignment to faculty duties shall result in withdrawal of any administrative increment.

The salary rate as a faculty member should be specified explicitly each year. The following statement should be communicated by the appropriate administrator to each faculty member with an administrative assignment on the occasion of annual salary increases:

“Your salary rate effective October 1, _____ will be __________. This includes an administrative increment of __________. Your salary rate as a faculty member appointed on an academic year basis, excluding this administrative increment, is __________, effective October 1, _____.”

This language may be modified if an annual year (AN) appointment basis is applicable in the faculty role and/or the addition of an administrative increment is not required by reason of administrative responsibilities.

C.   Performance of Faculty Duties

Faculty duties may be performed by the faculty member while serving in an administrative capacity. These duties may include teaching, research, patient care, and public service in the relevant primary academic unit(s), i.e., department(s), school(s), and/or residential or non-departmentally organized college(s). In addition, committee assignments, supervision of graduate students, participation in academic governance as consistent with University, college, and unit bylaws, in or on behalf of the academic unit may be involved. Subject to a written agreement between the relevant college and unit level administrator(s), performance in these activities is evaluated in accordance with normal unit procedures and taken into consideration in determining the annual salary increase.

D. Criteria and Procedures for Reappointment and Promotion

Performance in assigned faculty duties is the primary component in the evaluation for reappointment, and promotion of the HP faculty member holding an administrative assignment. A written statement indicating how the unit’s regular standards and criteria for reappointment and promotion will be applied to the individual during the period of administrative assignment must be prepared by the applicable unit administrator, after consultation with the designated unit advisory committee, and be sent to the affected faculty member before the administrative assignment is approved. The annual review of performance must include assessment of progress as a faculty member performing regular faculty duties, i.e., instruction, research, patient care and public service.

Evaluation of an HP faculty member assigned to both faculty and administrative duties and responsibilities must take into account the relative assignment of effort to these duties and responsibilities. The evaluation of faculty and other primary academic unit duties is conducted in accordance with normal academic unit procedures and criteria.

Normally, the primary academic unit will initiate the recommendation for reappointment and/or promotion (as appropriate) in accordance with Health Programs procedures. However, the appropriate administrator may also initiate the recommendation. In such cases, the recommendation must be reviewed and endorsed by the primary academic unit(s) in which the individual holds academic rank. Such an endorsement indicates the willingness of the unit to endorse the individual as a faculty member in the unit at the recommended rank.

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