FRIB-NSCL Faculty Positions

V. Reappointment and/or Promotion Review

A. At the beginning of each academic year the Laboratory Director will request all FRIB/NSCL Faculty members at the rank of Assistant Professor and Associate Professor and all Professors without a rolling fixed term appointment to submit a file of materials in support of reappointment (for FRIB/NSCL faculty without a rolling fixed term appointment) and/or promotion. The materials are prepared according to written guidelines and must include the name of the senior faculty member who serves as the faculty mentor.

B. A Reappointment and Promotion Committee (RPC) is convened by the Laboratory Director and consists of all Laboratory Faculty at a rank higher than those FRIB/NSCL faculty under consideration for reappointment or promotion. For Professors, faculty of equal rank will constitute the RPC. The RPC reviews the status and progress of each FRIB/NSCL Faculty member under consideration (see A., above).  For Professors without a rolling appointment, the Laboratory Director has the option to form a subcommittee or to call for a vote by the RPC on reappointment for a rolling fixed term appointment of 5 years.

C. An RPC subcommittee must be formed to consider the reappointment and/or promotion of FRIB/NSCL faculty whose fixed term appointment will expire in two years. For others, an RPC subcommittee will be formed upon an affirmative vote of 25% or more of the RPC or by request of the Laboratory Director. Each RPC subcommittee will be composed of faculty members of higher rank than the candidate (equal rank for Professors), including three Laboratory faculty members and one additional member from the appropriate academic unit. In addition, the mentor of the FRIB/NSCL faculty member considered for reappointment or promotion will be a member of the subcommittee.

D. The RPC subcommittee informs the candidate in writing about its procedures, rules and guidelines. The criteria and standards for tenure system faculty in the respective academic unit should be considered taking into account that the major fraction of the appointment is held at FRIB/NSCL. The timeline for RPC actions should parallel that for tenure system faculty in the respective academic unit.

E. When an RPC subcommittee has completed its deliberations, a recommendation regarding reappointment or promotion will be provided to the RPC. A vote shall be taken by the RPC and its recommendation shall then be forwarded through line management successively to the Director and to the Provost or designee for appropriate action.