Faculty Handbook


Last updated: 1/1/1970


This policy was issued by the Office of the Provost in 1970.

The University provides vacation leave to faculty and academic staff members who are appointed on an annual year basis under the following conditions:


  1. Faculty and academic staff members holding appointments on an annual year basis, with more than six months service, are eligible for annual vacation leaves. Faculty and academic staff holding academic year appointments are not eligible for vacation leave.
  2. Faculty and academic staff members holding appointments on an annual year basis receive annual vacation leave equivalent to one month (22 working days) in twelve months. Proportional allowances are granted to appointees with more than six months of service but less than twelve. Vacation allowances are granted on July 1 of each year. Vacation time is to be charged against this accrual; the accrual will be proportionately reduced in the event of resignation/termination during the fiscal year or for other non-accrual time such as workers' compensation, long-term disability, leave without pay, etc.
  3. Part-time faculty and academic staff members holding appointments for fifty percent or more time on an annual year basis receive vacation on a proportional basis.
  4. Vacation must be taken during the fiscal year.
  5. Vacation leave may not exceed one month (22 working days) in the fiscal year and is not cumulative.

Each department is responsible for scheduling vacations in order not to interfere with the operation of the department and to insure that each faculty/academic staff member receives the appropriate vacation allowance during the appointment period. Although the scheduling preference of faculty and academic staff should be considered, vacations have to be scheduled to meet the instructional and research requirements of the department. Units that experience "slack" or "down" periods may require that vacations be taken during these times (e.g., December recess, summer recess, etc.). When practical, faculty/academic staff members should be informed of such requirements in advance.

Pay in Lieu of Vacation

Actual time off from work during the appointment period must be taken in order to receive compensation for vacation time. Payment in lieu of vacation may be approved only in case of retirement or termination for any cause (resignation, death, etc.).

Pay in lieu of vacation shall not exceed payment for one month less vacation time used during the fiscal year. Neither vacation time nor pay in lieu of vacation can be granted prior to eligibility for vacation allowance.


Unused vacation allowance not exceeding one month will be transferred with a faculty/academic staff member when the individual transfers from one position, budget or operating unit to another. If a faculty/academic staff member is transferred from an instructional staff appointment to a professional, administrative, or other type of appointment, a transfer of the balance based on one month less actual vacation days used during the past fiscal year will be made.

Each department, school, or other administrative unit is responsible for scheduling vacation time off for faculty/academic staff members, maintaining vacation usage records, and if a faculty/academic staff member transfers to another unit, for notifying the faculty/academic staff member of unused vacation time in writing. A copy of the notification must be sent to the faculty/academic staff member's new unit.

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