Faculty Handbook

Student Participation in Academic Governance


The Bylaws of the Faculty, 1968 provided for both undergraduate and graduate student participation in the Academic Council and certain faculty standing committees. In September, 1978, the Board of Trustees approved the Bylaws for Academic Governance, 1978, to replace the Bylaws of the Faculty,1968 and the Bylaws for Academic Governance, 1975. The 1978 Bylaws provided for student participation in academic governance and this involvement continues in the current Bylaws.

Each department, school, center, and institute that has academic responsibilities or whose work concerns either undergraduate or graduate students, and all colleges are charged to develop patterns for the significant involvement of its students in the decision making processes by which policy is formed. Each group is also required to define the extent of its student constituency. The students of such a constituency are responsible for selecting, according to patterns of their own choice, their representatives in the councils and committees to which they are party.

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