Faculty Handbook

Policy and Procedure for Rescission

Last updated: 6/11/1993


The following policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on June 11, 1993.

The University may rescind a tenure system faculty member's appointment for any material misrepresentation made in the course of seeking a University appointment. In such cases, the faculty member shall be advised, in writing, of the grounds for rescission and shall be provided an opportunity to confer with the Provost in advance of any rescission action. If the Provost decides to recommend rescission of the faculty member's appointment, the faculty member shall be so notified in writing. The faculty member may grieve the decision by filing a grievance with the Faculty Grievance Official within thirty calendar days of receipt of the Provost's written notification.

If no grievance is filed, the Provost shall forward the rescission recommendation to the President for action by the Board of Trustees. If a grievance is filed it will be heard by a University Hearing Panel pursuant to the procedures in Section III.I. of the Faculty Grievance Policy except that the Hearing Panel shall forward its recommendation directly to the President. The University Hearing Panel shall include three members of the UCFT. Upon receipt of the recommendation of the Hearing Panel, the President shall act on recommendation and either (1) retain the faculty member or (2) forward the matter to the Board of Trustees for action.

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