Faculty Handbook

Michigan State University Statement of Professional Integrity

Last updated: 4/5/2024

The University Committee on Faculty Affairs (UCFA) issued the following statement on March 19, 2024, upon the endorsement of the Faculty Senate. The Office of the Provost has adopted this statement in the Faculty Handbook.


The Michigan State University Statement of Professional Integrity is intended to describe and encourage behaviors that will foster an equitable, safe, and respectful workplace at Michigan State University. MSU’s mission statement prioritizes creating an inclusive community that promotes the well-being of the community. This resolution is rooted in many of the standards essential to the mission of the University. The resolution complements rather than supersedes existing policies that address sexual misconduct, relationship violence, or harassment or discrimination against protected classes.


BE IT RESOLVED that the faculty of Michigan State University expresses its continuing commitment to the fostering of a safe and equitable community, one that is grounded in the principles of robust intellectual engagement, mutual respect, collegiality, and civil discourse in accordance with both University policy and federal and state law.

1For the purposes of this document Faculty are defined in the MSU bylaws 1.1.1

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