Faculty Handbook

Payroll Procedures


The following items must be furnished to the Payroll Division of the Office of the Controller before a new faculty/academic staff member can be put on the University payroll.

1. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Social security numbers must be verified by the Payroll Office, 350 Administration Building, prior to the first pay date. Verification may be completed by presenting the social security card to the Payroll Office or by sending a photocopy to that office.

2. EMPLOYEE TAX WITHHOLDING CERTIFICATES. Various forms (W-4, MI-W-4. City Tax Withholding) authorize the University to recognize the appropriate exemptions when calculating Federal, State of Michigan and local withholding taxes.

New faculty/academic staff members should at the same time complete the appropriate forms in the Human Resources office to participate in such programs as employee-paid life, health care coverage, accidental death and dismemberment, and base and supplemental retirement benefits. All benefit programs are described briefly in the Faculty/Academic Staff Benefit and Retirement Programs section of this handbook. Additional information is available from Human Resources, 1407 S. Harrison Rd., Suite 110.

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