Faculty Handbook

Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies


This office assists faculty in a number of ways:
  1. It administers the Intramural Research Grants Program, which supports projects that are judged to be competitive for external funding or are otherwise expected to advance the scholarly enterprise of the university, and the Strategic Partnership Grants program, which provides larger grants for projects deemed to be strategically significant to the university.
  2. It provides support and oversight for major centers, analytical facilities, animal care facilities, safety and environmental services, and other functions that enhance research activities.
  3. Working with the Office of the Provost, it administers certain funds made available from the MSU Foundation to provide startup support for new faculty, matching for external grants, and seed monies for new projects that have the potential to attract funds from outside sponsors. (Faculty seeking matching funds are advised to initiate discussions first with their department chairperson and college dean.)
  4. It helps identify opportunities for external support of research and creative activities; manages participation in programs that limit the proposals an institution may submit; provides guidance and support for meeting requirements of the Michigan Life Sciences Corridor program; offers instruction on preparing and submitting proposals.
  5. It maintains a website with information about conducting research at Michigan State and links to other sources of information about research activity.

Also part of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies are the Office of Research Ethics and Standards, which promotes the ethical conduct of research and assures compliance with federal, state, and university laws and policies, and the Office of Intellectual Property, which protects faculty inventions, represents the university in licensing those inventions, manages MSU's portfolio of patents and licenses, and administers patent policy.

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