Faculty Handbook

Office of Regulatory Affairs


The freedom to pursue knowledge is accompanied by the responsibility to conduct ethical and sound research. Faculty are accountable for following the laws, regulations, policies and all other rules adopted by Michigan State University to protect research subjects and ensure the safety of employees.

The Michigan State University Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) facilitates the research oversight process in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and requirements, accreditation standards, and University requirements to protect the rights and welfare of research subjects, to protect public and investigator health and safety, and to assure proper execution of research. ORA units include the Animal Care Program, the Human Research Protection Program, the Environmental Health and Safety Program, Conflict of Interest, and Human Stem Cell Research. ORA reports to the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and works closely with other University units involved in the regulatory oversight of research. The Vice President serves as the Institutional Official for those regulatory programs requiring a responsible official. The Assistant Vice President for Regulatory Affairs is designated by the Vice President to oversee daily activities and regulatory responsibilities.

A culture of compliance is maintained through oversight by university committees, engagement in active training programs, collaborative post-approval monitoring programs, participation in international accreditation programs, and an institutional commitment to compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Individuals are encouraged to contact ORA by phone: (517) 432-4500 or email: ora@msu.edu with any questions. Additional information can be found at the ORA website: www.ora.msu.edu.